ULAH Talks to Ruby Jean's Juicery's Chris Goode about Fatherhood

ULAH Talks to Ruby Jean's Juicery's Chris Goode about Fatherhood

Ruby Jean's Juicery founder Chris Goode with son, Levin

At ULAH, we love dads. We got to chat with our friend Chris Goode — founder of Ruby Jean's Juicery — to hear what his new journey into fatherhood means to him.

What does being a “good dad” mean for you?

"To me it means developing as the healthiest version of myself and being authentically present each moment I have with Levin."

You’re a pretty new father! What has been the biggest surprise for you — good or bad?

"The biggest surprise has been just how much self realization came along with meeting Levin.  It's like he arrived and put a mirror up to my face."

What are the top three things you hope to teach your child?

"I hope to teach him that he's enough just as he is, that he is capable far beyond what his eyes can see and to just be as authentic and loving to people as possible."

We often hear that it takes a village to raise a child. Are you seeing this play out in your own journey into fatherhood?

"I am seeing that play out for sure.  His mom and I and our families/friends have all played an important role so far."

How hard is it to balance being a dad and an entrepreneur?

"It's pretty tough but has made me more efficient with the time I'm not with him because I don't want to be distracted while I'm spending time with him."

What advice do you have for new or expecting dads?

"Make sure you seek to embrace your own self growth and health because these little guys are soaking up every ounce of your energy!"



ULAH's friend and client Chris Goode was introduced to the world of juicing and shown the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead by friends in Los Angeles, a passion for healthy living was birthed. Following his first juice cleanse, which lasted 10 days, he felt better than he ever had and immediately thought of his late grandmother and wished she had the knowledge and understanding of how important healthy eating and drinking truly was. Ruby Jean’s was birthed on pure passion behind the early departure of Ruby Jean and the owner’s extreme belief that his grandmother may still be around had she made subtle changes in her diet.

We hope you'll visit one of their locations and show one of Kansas City's great locally owned businesses your support. ULAH wishes all you father figures a great Father's Day today!

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