ULAH Featured in Queer Eye, Season 4 - Episode 2

ULAH Featured in Queer Eye, Season 4 - Episode 2

Netflix's Queer Eye Hero, Wesley Hamilton wearing a new look by ULAH

You may have heard that ULAH had the opportunity to work with the internationally popular Netflix show Queer Eye in its Season 3 episode "Baby on Board". But after a long wait, ULAH co-owners Buck Wimberly and Joey Mendez get to talk about their involvement with two episodes in Season 4. Today they're talking about Episode 2, "Disabled But Not Really", with Kansas City local Wesley Hamilton as its subject.

"We had such a great experience in Season 3, that we worked to stay connected with the Queer Eye crew as they were filming Season 4. We had heard they hadn't used any retail stores twice before — so we weren't sure we'd have much of a chance to be involved again. We offered to donate the wardrobe if they needed it, and the stars aligned. When Queer Eye told us they matched Wesley Hamilton with our store and we'd be in another episode, we were really grateful."
Similarly to Season 3, Buck and Joey were impressed by how hard the producers worked to align the right stores and brands with the right "heroes" (Queer Eye's term for the subject of an episode). Wesley has a story and experience that is more unique than most as a differently abled person who uses a wheel chair as part of his daily life. This difference imposes special considerations for a wardrobe that needs to share both function and style.
"We worked with Queer Eye to find just the right pieces that could move the way Wesley moves, and could be tailored in ways that eliminate obstacles when using a wheel chair."
Wesley's story is emotional, impactful, redeeming, and inspiring — and will move anyone who's had to deal with overcoming life's challenges or has been wrestling with forgiveness. 
"Wesley's positive attitude is infectious right away, before even knowing his story. And then you learn about what he's been through, how far he's come, and how he was able to turn his challenges into a passion project. It really changes your perspective — and that's what we love about this show. It gives stories like Wesley's a place to be heard."
Queer Eye's Season 4 — filmed in Kansas City — airs today, July 19th on Netflix. After you've watched episode 2 "Disabled But Not Really", be sure to make your way to motivational episode 7 "A Soldier Returns Home", where Queer Eye uses ULAH co-owner Buck Wimberly's custom furniture the makeover of Brandonn Mixon’s home, along with some other pieces from ULAH! (Stay tuned for a separate blog post!)
Check out ULAH's behind the scenes photos from Season 4, Episode 2 "Disabled But Not Really":

Netlix Queer Eye Tan France with ULAH Co-onwers Buck Wimberly and Joey Mendez


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