Spring 2019 Trends: Bohemian Chic | Three brands ULAH carries to help you show off your peacenik side.

Spring 2019 Trends: Bohemian Chic | Three brands ULAH carries to help you show off your peacenik side.

On our buying trips, we get the benefit of seeing a lot of products from an array of brands. It could be the growing popularity of Coachella and Burning Man festivals, new demands for more natural and sustainable apparel making, and/or the movement to support local and global artisans and makers over big brand manufacturers — one trend that we’ve been seeing that is here to stay for a while longer is Boho Chic. Among ULAH’s range of local to international menswear brands, we have three in particular that will help you highlight your inner hippie without going full-on Woodstock.
Raga Man
This brand has global roots that date back to the 70’s. Although this brand is perfect for us average joes who feel confident in our bohemian wears, you’ll spot Raga Man on a number of celebrities — from Harry Styles, to Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski. (see photos)

“Raga Man washes the designs and fabrics from the deserts of India's Rajasthan, the land of the kings, with the salt water of the beach. Featuring a range of both prints and solids, Raga Man uses soft and breathable fabrics, culturally rooted artwork, and the hand block techniques of the royal Rajasthani printers. With relaxed but classic cuts inspired by the gritty artisanal roots of Venice, Raga Man is both spiritual and tasteful, confident and open minded, worldly yet rooted.”


Queer Eye's Antoni Porwoski

Harry Styles


Nida Lu
We met this couple from Lawrence — Sulo and Courtney — and immediately fell for their beautifully crafted products, along with their story.

“Nida Lu was created from a romantic gesture. An American girl traveling the world meets a Turkish boy running a famous tree house hotel.  Boy buys girl some traditional Yemini shoes and the rest is history.  Thirteen years of marriage later, they‘ve traveled the world, started three businesses, birthed two children — Nida & Lu — and returned to the shoes that started it all. Our shoes are a modern take on a 700 year old Turkish (yemini) shoe! They are all handmade by a family in Gaziantep that having been crafting shoes for generations.  We use five different kinds of leather, all organic and natural dyes. Each shoe is first moistened to soften the leather, making it pliable, then sewn together with cotton thread that has been soaked in beeswax. This crafts a unique and well-formed shoe that will last a lifetime.  We hope you enjoy our magic shoes created from love!"


Sunkissed Earth
We met local maker Natalie McClelland the summer before ULAH opened and started collaborating right away to create her ULAH exclusive collection of vegan jewelry. Her handcrafted jewelry uses all-natural, cruelty-free materials.

“Sunkissed Earth offers vegan leather and pearls jewelry, hemp beaded creations, stretch bracelets, tassel necklaces, vegan leather wrap bracelets in colorful patterns, and more. Our jewelry is so comfortable and casual, you can wear it just about anywhere!”


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