QUEER EYE Films Segment in ULAH for Season 3

QUEER EYE Films Segment in ULAH for Season 3

Netflix's Queer Eye Stars — Tan France and Jonathan Van Ness — with ULAH co-owners Joey Mendez and Buck Wimberly


When ULAH co-owners — Buck Wimberly and Joey Mendez — heard that the internationally popular Netflix show Queer Eye was casting in Kansas City for Season 3, they immediately reached out and invited the producers to visit their store. Not only are they huge fans of the show and the Fab Five, but they are also 100% LGBT owned and are passionate about being their true selves. Also, they felt an alignment with Queer Eye's holistic approach to makeovers with ULAH's lifestyle concept.

"Obviously, we were beyond excited when they accepted our invitation and showed up at one of our cocktail events we were having at the store. The producers were so genuine and got to visit our store and see us in our element with our customers — which is exactly what we hoped for. We talked about our mutual desires to inspire change in people through apparel and interior design in ways that are meaningful and go beyond vanity."
But that alone, wouldn't guarantee ULAH a segment in an episode. Although Buck and Joey really wanted to have ANY part in the show, they were impressed by how hard the producers worked to align the right stores and brands with the right "heroes" (Queer Eye's term for the subject of an episode).
"They wanted the wardrobe makeovers to take place in a store that the hero would and could actually shop in. And that's exactly what happened with hero, Tony Blanco, who told us that he is genuinely changed because of Queer Eye and the Fab Five. He says he cares more about self care, his confidence, and ultimately being the best father he can be. Not only does he continue to shop at ULAH, but we've become great friends with Tony and his fiancé, Brianna."
Something else that impressed Buck and Joey: the Fab 5 were the same in person as they are on camera.
"They seemed to genuinely care about their hero and making an impact. We laughed and even shed a few tears watching the makeover and mentoring unfold before us in our store between Tan France and Tony Blanco. And as expected, things got hilarious once Jonathan Van Ness (JVN) showed up! On and off camera — the one-liners, rants, and physical comedy had us all laughing till we cried."
Meeting and watching the Queer Eye stars was huge for ULAH and their team. A couple of their favorite moments were when Tan 'French Tucked' Buck's tee shirt in — or Jonathan carrying Tan around in his arms (see photos below).  But it was watching their production team passionately working together and treating ULAH like family that they'll always remember.
"There was a real feeling that everyone on both sides of the table had something to contribute to the episode we were working on, whether it was on camera or behind the scenes working with the crew."

Queer Eye's Season 3 — filmed in Kansas City — airs today, March 15th on Netflix. Watch it, and give all the KC brands a shout out for taking part in this colorful rainbow of an opportunity that passed through our amazing city! You'll find ULAH in episode 8 - "Baby on Board".

Check out ULAH's behind the scenes photos:

 A selfie with Tan France, Joey Mendez, Buck Wimberly, and Kristie Pettibone

 A selfie with Tan France, Joey Mendez, Buck Wimberly, and Kristie Pettibone.


Tan France gives style advice to hero Tony Blanco

Tan gives Tony style advice.


Jonathan Van Ness making everyone laugh behind the scenes

Jonathan making everyone laugh behind the scenes.


Tan gives Buck's tee-shirt a 'French Tuck'.

Tan gives Buck's tee-shirt his famous 'French Tuck'.


Tan France jumped into JVN's arms as soon he walked into ULAH

Tan jumps into JVN's arms as soon as he walked into ULAH.


Queer Eye production team at work in ULAH's stockroom

Queer Eye production team at work in the ULAH stockroom.



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  • Joe Perniciaro

    Congrats guys to you both and your team. This is very exciting and KC is so fortunate to have your store! Cheers to continued success.

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