Gift Guide: The Working Dad

Gift Guide: The Working Dad

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This Father's Day, we have put together a series of gift guides inspired by different dads in our community. To shop all of the gift guides, click here.

Buck Wimberly - a co-owner of ULAH - leads ULAH Interiors + Design. His days are busy with selecting the perfect combination of furniture for clients, visiting showrooms to see the latest trends in materials, and managing the construction process to keep things running seamlessly. This busy work schedule is balanced with family life and spending time with his two teenage boys, Elliot and Everett. His younger son also works with ULAH, learning the ropes of web design and maintenance. Being a working father can be challenging, so Buck has some favorite products that keep him polished and life running smoothly.

Inspired by Buck, this gift guide is a round-up of items that blend style and function.

1. Handmade Incense - This cleansing cedar incense keeps the vibes of dad's office relaxed. It is said to remove negative energy and disinfect the air.

2. Paisley Face Mask - Our adjustable strap face mask extends dad's personal style into the latest accessory. This mask is perfect for a client meeting or re-entry into office life.

3. Ursa Major Vitamin C Serum - Balancing work and family can be tiring, and this vitamin c serum can help with brighting dad's face.


4. Yeti Daytrip Lunch Bag - This lunch bag is lined with hours worth of insulation power for the dad on the go.

5. Fulton & Roark Solid Cologne - This solid cologne is easy to throw in a bag or keep in an office drawer to freshen up throughout a long day.

6. Filson Journeyman Backpack - A padded back and Moleskin-lined shoulder straps offer comfortable carry throughout the day, even with heavy loads. 

7. DIBI Belt - We love this elastic braided belt - it adds a touch of personality to dad's office look.

8. Billy Reid Pensacola Polo - This iconic polo shirt is made with extra-soft cotton and a slim fit throughout the chest, body and sleeves. It's a great versatile wardrobe item for dad to wear to work or out to family dinner.

9. Secrid Miniwallet - This slim wallet is inspired by the classic driving glove. Its slim profile holds anything dad might need.

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