Brand Highlight: Mr. Davis

Brand Highlight: Mr. Davis

Mr. Davis is a local company that makes the best undershirts, trunks and tees. They combine the best fabrics with a focus on quality and detail - they are truly the best undershirts we’ve ever worn. Their focus on details and sourcing the best fabrics combine to provide pieces that will last you years and not stretch or wear out quickly like most undershirts. Their signature stretch bamboo viscose is 3-4x softer than cotton.

They are headquartered in the Kansas City area, which means getting the best quality AND supporting a local company - win win! Rather than constantly releasing new products, they launch only the best quality pieces so you can trust what they’re putting out.


“The World’s Best Undershirt”

Made from seriously the softest fabric, this ultra-thin shirt is 96% Bamboo Viscose (a sustainable material) and 4% Spadex for a stretch that moves with you. You’ll hardly notice it’s there. Unlike many undershirts that are put together quickly without much care, these are tailored and sewn to 10mm tolerances with durable seams and refinement - this means a consistent fit every time. Best of all, they STAY tucked in! Their longer fit and unique cut keeps them tucked all day. No more having to step away for an adjustment throughout the day.


Made from a similar premium material as the undershirt, these are truly comfortable - all day and night. The roomy pouch reduces skin on skin contact, providing life changing comfort. Hidden vents provide cool air where you need it most. As you move throughout the day, air flows in and out to keep you dry. We carry both a standard and trunk cut. The “standard” is a standard length inseam, similar to boxer briefs you may have had in the past. The “trunk” is a more snug, supportive fit with more package lift. More modest than briefs, but shorter and more snug than a standard boxer. The inseam ranges from 2” to 3.5” depending on size.

NEW Everyday Tee

Mr. Davis has limited new product launches, so when there is something new we know it’s good. The “Best Everyday Tee” is no exception. Building on their popular undershirt, we now carry an Everyday Tee. Meant to be worn alone, it’s super soft with the perfect amount of stretch. Luxurious enough to be worn out for dinner and drinks and comfortable enough for WFH. We know you’ll want every color of this classic tee once you try it out.

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