A Message from ULAH on Racial Injustice

A Message from ULAH on Racial Injustice


Like many of you, we are angered and saddened by the prejudice, racism, and numerous injustices we’ve witnessed. We understand that these violent acts based on prejudice are not new, and the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are not isolated events. There are so many more devastating unheard stories that don’t make the news that would break our hearts. We know that we cannot be silent. We must walk-the-walk. Words without action don’t get us where we need to be.

What is it that we can do as individuals, as brands, and as companies? What actions can we take that will make a real difference and help move the needle? These are the questions we are asking ourselves at ULAH and ULAH Interiors + Design.

First, we must be honest with ourselves and admit that — collectively as a community and as participants in a diverse world — we haven’t done enough. We must admit that we don’t have all the answers right now. We are currently researching and learning to discover the best and most impactful ways to make a difference. We are opening our eyes, ears, and hearts more than ever with an intention to evolve and help make change.
What do we know? We know that ULAH and ULAH Interiors + Design are founded on developing human-centered solutions for our community and beyond. We value empathy, compassion, diversity, inclusion, giving back to our community, and becoming genuinely connected to the world around us. We know that while important, it’s not enough to just have anti-prejudice policies and practices in place. We have learned that there is a fight to be fought that requires more of us than we may have previously assumed if we want to see the dramatic change that is so far overdue.
Finally, we know that ULAH and ULAH Interiors + Design will continue to stand for equality and will stand against racism and prejudice. We know that BLACK LIVES MATTER, and we look forward to joining in this fight as we actively challenge our thinking, actions, and words on a daily basis.
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