Saving Face: How I turned the clock back 10 years
Just about every week at ULAH, I have discussions with other guys about self care: everything from weight loss to wrinkles. I've written before about the culture shift in men's skin care, and how more men than ever are slowing the aging process and reducing the signs of stress and sun damage. I thought I'd continue the discussion with some new corrective and reparative treatments that I've recently tried. Take a look at these dramatic before and after photos, and read how I turned the clock back 10 years!
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Our Journey to Wellness: Crowding Out
After our last wellness checks, there were some changes that we needed to make in order to move towards healthier versions of ourselves. I've been trying to discover an overarching method that could help us. Through a friend, I discovered a concept called "crowding out".
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Our Journey to Wellness: Buck tries Rejuvapen
So…I’m not in my 20’s anymore, and the last few decades have done a serious number on my face — including acne scars, sun damage, wind burn, and all the expressions that come with having two teenage kids. When we were in our 20’s, our collagen saved the day. But once we are in our […]
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