ULAH Reflects on 4 Year Anniversary

ULAH Reflects on 4 Year Anniversary

Can you believe we're celebrating ULAH's 4th Anniversary? On one hand, we can't believe it's already been four years since we've opened our doors. On the other, it feels impossible to have experienced everything that's happened in such a short amount of time!

Let's take a quick look in the rearview mirror to remember some milestones and highlights:

From the start, we've tried to just be authentically who we are as business owners and as a brand — in fact, just about everything we've done with ULAH was born out of our joint passions and experiences. As life and business partners, our personal and business lives blend together — so it's important to us to really love what we do and that we leave a positive impact on the community and the world around us. We've been engaged to each other for almost 4 years now and as part of the LGBT community, we work hard to be inclusive in the experiences we provide and aim to represent ALL of the diversity within our Kansas City community. While our openness and honesty about who we are and what we stand for (and don't stand for) has turned a few people away, we pride ourselves on growing a loyal and authentic following from sticking to our values and principles:

We value empathy, compassion, diversity, inclusion, giving back to our community, and becoming genuinely connected to the world around us. ULAH, ULAH Interiors + Design, and any future associated businesses will continue to stand for equality and stand against racism and prejudice.

As we look ahead and march into the unknown, we plan to continue bringing new things to our community. In fact, we have some really exciting things planned for 2021 to expand what our brand offers and who we can serve. Thank you all for your continued love and support. We wouldn't be here without you, and are humbled by your ongoing patronage to what we've built through our passions and dreams!


Buck & Joey

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