Holiday 2016 Gifts for Him: Masculine Candles

Many people may be surprised at the popularity of candles among men. More and more men are buying candles with masculine scents. Early in our development, we wanted to make our own line of masculine candles — so we partnered with local duo Wood + Wick to help create our first evolving line of candles. We named it the Boyhood Collection, inspired by memories that ULAH co-owner Buck Wimberly had as a child. He felt that others would resonate with the memories and scents.

“In my early years, I grew up in the plains of rural West Texas. I remember the baseball games, the classic small-town barbershop experiences, and being fascinated with tumbleweeds. As I grew into my teens while living in the Kansas City area, some of my favorite memories were camping and going on float trips with friends.” – Buck Wimberly

You can find these candles — and many other great holiday gifts for men — in KC’s new men’s apparel and lifestyle store, ULAH, owned by Buck Wimberly and Joey Mendez.

OUTFIELDER – Whether you practiced out in the field, or sat on the bench to watch your friends play — our combination of fresh cut grass and worn leather will stir up memories of America’s most nostalgic sport.

BARBERSHOP – Leather, cardamom, vanilla, and plum will remind you of sitting in the barber’s chair smelling the scent of tonics and pomades as you were getting a fresh clean cut.

TUMBLEWEED – Notes of sandalwood and grass make this scent reminiscent of the dry westerly winds that often blow tumbleweeds across the plains of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

PUP TENT – Pine, clove, and wood smoke notes will take you back to those memorable trips with friends and family — gathering around the campfire and telling stories before you slept the night away in the middle of the woods.

FLOAT TRIP – Patchouli, amber, clove, sandalwood, smoke, saffron, whiskey, and hickory combine to stir up memories of floating down the river for hours with friends before heading back to camp.

The Boyhood Collection – ULAH candles created by local maker brand Wood + Wick

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