Holiday 2016 Gifts for Him: Filson

If you have one of those of guys to shop for who has everything, consider Filson bags, wallets, or watches. Filson is a legacy brand that has been making top quality leather, wool, and canvas goods since 1897. In fact, they still keep their manufacturing here at home in the United States, and have been creating rugged products with real brass hardware in Seattle since their conception. One of our personal favorites is the 24 Hour Tin Briefcase, which I carry to ULAH every day — packed with my gym shoes and clothes, laptop, and notepads. Stop by ULAH in Woodside Village and see which of the Filson products fits your man’s needs.


Filson Padded Computer Bag, available at ULAH


Filson Dry Duffle Medium, available at ULAH
Filson Skagit Field Watch, available at ULAH
Filson Mackinaw Watch, available at ULAH
Filson 48 Hour Duffel, available at ULAH
Filson Large Duffle, available at ULAH


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