Our Journey To Wellness: Saving Face

Our Journey To Wellness: Saving Face

ULAH Co-Owner, Buck Wimberly

We’re aging. It happens to all of us. Luckily, for us men, the cosmetic options that help us look our best aren’t just for women and celebrities these days. There’s been a cultural shift, and more men than ever are slowing the aging process and reducing the signs of stress that compound over the years with treatments involving lasers, needles, and chemicals. It can be a slippery slope, and I believe there’s a fine line between being the best version of yourself and completely changing the appearance of your face. My personal preference is to look my best with the least invasive options available.

As a co-owner of ULAH, a men’s apparel and lifestyle store, I see a lot more men these days who just want to look good and feel good about themselves. More and more of these guys are starting to talk about taking care of their bodies, their hair, their skin, and their overall health — all of which contribute to their overall physical and emotional well-being. In fact, the number of men seeking injections like Botox and Dysport has risen 310 percent since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. And it doesn’t stop there. A similar trend is happening with other noninvasive procedures like filler and laser treatments. With the convenience of outpatient treatments, greater cultural acceptance, and a reported increased value on youth in the workforce — you can now join the movement without fear of ridicule by your man friends.

I like Botox and Dysport injections (only one molecule of difference between them) because they are simple, non-invasive, and are fairly affordable. I prefer getting a treatment that doesn’t paralyze every facial muscle. You know that look — a frozen face where the only movement comes from the blinking eyes. That means finding the right injector who won’t over-do it and will give you more of a natural look.

Lately, I’ve been going to Bare Med Spa for these treatments. My nurse injector, Shonn, really took the time to analyze my face and my goals and gave me a personalized approach. Every face is different, so each person’s treatment should be unique as well. My visits only take about 10-15 minutes. I get a few needle pricks in my forehead, a few around the eyes, and a couple at the top of my nose – right in between my eyes – where I have frown lines from years of staring at a computer (they call those two lines 11’s).  I tend to notice the changes taking place over the following week or two. By week two and three I look more rested. I’ve been doing these for a while now, so my visits have gone from every 3 months, to every 4-5 months in between. The only side effects I’ve noticed are fewer deep wrinkles, less headaches, people guessing that I’m younger than I am, and a boost in confidence.

If you’d like to hear more details about my experiences with Botox or Dysport (I’ve used both), send me a message or stop by the store. I would also encourage you to talk to any of the experts at Bare Med Spa for a consultation. The procedure is not as scary as you might think, and will give you a noticeably refreshed look without looking like a plastic version of yourself.

Thanks, again, for following us on our “Journey to Wellness”! – Buck Wimberly

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