A Woodland Nursery

A Woodland Nursery

ULAH Interiors + Design is welcoming its first "ULAH Baby" with one of our Designer/Project Managers! To celebrate the good news, we thought it would be fun to take you through the nursery design from start to finish and throw in some tips and tricks for when you may have a little one to design a space for! Sometimes our clients want a themed nursery, and sometimes they don't. We do both, and everything in between! We call this theme "Woodland".

Wallpaper + Paint

A spark of inspiration can come from anywhere. A vintage piece of furniture, art, or a color swatch from the paint store. This nursery began with the wallpaper. We chose this "Magical Forest" wallpaper from Schumacher to set a calming and neutral tone. It was installed on two walls, with the other two walls freshly painted in Sherman Williams Passive Gray (SW7064).

This specific wall covering is full size mural of a forest with beautifully illustrated animals and foliage that will be sure to capture the imagination of the new baby. 

ULAH I+D works with an exceptional local wall covering installer that has completed installs ranging from a couple nursery walls here, to entire custom homes with the highest quality of work you can expect from hiring a pro. 

ULAH Interiors + Design uses Woodland motif wallpaper by Schumacher for nursery design.

Lighting is Everything  

Having multiple light sources with varying brightness is essential to any design. They keep your eyes moving around the room, generate interest, and determine a mood. This nursery has (technically) three light sources.

Front and center is a handcrafted wicker dome pendant. This pendant has an adjustable hanging height and is compatible with a dimmable light switch. Being the focal point of the room from when you first step in the door this fixture also serves its main function well by being an overall utility light. Allowing for a bright light source for cleaning, putting away those adorable baby onesies, and avoiding stepping on LEGOs one day down the road! 

Next we added some new electrical and installed two wall sconces on either side of the crib, framing in the sweetest watercolor bear artwork. These sconces are also on a dimmer and are used for the sole purpose of providing just enough light for late night feedings and diaper changes. They are always left on the lowest dimmable setting so that parents and baby are can avoid harsh light at 2:00 AM, and sleep cycles can resume with as little interruption as possible.

Here is the "technicality." The last light source is... natural light. This nursery has two windows that bathe the room in the most magical natural light in the afternoons. It is a light that no pendant or sconce could ever replicate. Newly installed Roman shades with a cordless lift and blackout liner elevate the space by showcasing the windows and letting that afternoon light be the star of the show. That is, until it's nap time and the blackout liners show us what they're made of! 

 Rattan Chandelier, used by ULAH Interiors + Design in nursery design.


Ivory with Dark Bronze Wall Sconce, used by ULAH Interiors + Design in nursery design.


When all is said and done, a nursery is as much for a new parent as it is for a new baby. Fill your space with pieces that speak to you and bring you comfort and joy. Also, you need pieces that are functional! We selected three primary furniture options that will transition throughout childhood to keep the space well designed and remove the need to purchase more furniture as baby grows up. A three-in-one crib, cozy and stylish power recliner, and large dresser. 


Powered Reclining Rocking Chair, used by ULAH Interiors + Deisgn for nursery design.

 Convertible Crib, used by ULAH Interiors + Design in nursery design.

There are many three-in-one cribs out there (even four-in-one or more). This crib is from Nestig. The design is what we fell in love with first, but as you read more about their company you can't help but feel great about their mission. The Cloud crib is handmade using non-toxic, lead and phthalate safe sustainably harvested Brazilian Pine. It starts out as a bassinet with wheels that allow for the bassinet to be moved throughout the house to provide a safe sleep space for baby in any room. When the time has come to convert into a full size crib it is just a matter of swapping the side rails, the wheels for wooden leg supports, mattress, and mattress support. The transition takes less than a half hour and the tools are included. Then, we blink, and baby is now a toddler ready for a big-kid bed. How did that happen? The final transition into a toddler bed is just as easy with swapping out a couple parts and calling it a day. A convertible crib is an absolute must-have in our book. 

Taking the time to find the perfect nursery seating is really important! What will you be using this seating for? Feedings, rocking baby to sleep, story time, a power nap? Will you be able to fuss with a manual recliner handle or ottoman while holding a fussy kiddo? We say, treat yourself! This seating is for you! In this nursery we opted for a faux shearling power recliner with USB-C charging port. Comfortable, convenient, and well designed. You will be so thankful you thought of yourself and your needs for this purchase. After all, you have to take care of you too! 

A spacious dresser is another one for the parents. Trust us, you will want that storage space! The six drawer dresser chosen for this nursery comes with an anti tip kit ready to be installed when the dresser is placed. A safety feature that  cannot come more highly recommended. On the inside we used drawer dividers and our handy dandy label maker to make separating all those tiny socks and different sized clothes a breeze. To top it off, literally, we selected a freestanding table top changing pad that can be easily removed when extra table top space is needed. We are fans of anything that can stand the test of time and transition with a growing kiddo. Our recommendations are to invest in those pieces that have the potential to be around for a long time, and to not forget to take care of you! 

Final Touches 

A woodland nursery would not be complete without some furry friends to make the space feel welcoming and whimsical. The oversized watercolor bears were purchased directly from the artist and custom framed to match the natural wood throughout the room. 

Bear Framed Art used by ULAH Interiors + Design in nursery design.

A darling wicker bear basket and ivory boucle mushroom stool round out a little library corner with some playful and easy storage for toys or tummy time blankets. We also added a handmade felt mobile over the crib with additional woodland friends! Finally, the room was tied together with a handwoven, high performance, sage nursery rug and padded non-slip rug pad to allow for comfortable playtime on the floor.

It may not seem like much (or maybe it seems like a lot!) but this project took every bit of eight months to come together. It is important to remember that a lot of higher quality furniture is made to order and has long lead times. Also, coordinating wallpaper installers, painters, electricians etc. can take up a lot of time and require quite a bit of planning. This is where ULAH Interiors & Design can step in and offer you peace of mind and support during an already exciting but sometimes overwhelming time.

If you are expecting a little one, we would be honored to help you design your dream nursery! We will go over what is important to you for functionality and build your design around what is best for you and your family. For more information on how to get started with your project, please visit: dressyourhabitit.com and complete our online questionnaire, or email interiororders@ulahkc.com. 

Bear Basket & Mushroom used by ULAH Interiors + Design in nursery design.


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