COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT - Dr. Chase Alexander Tomcala, Westwood Aesthetic Dentistry

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT - Dr. Chase Alexander Tomcala, Westwood Aesthetic Dentistry

Last fall, we started noticing a fun new client coming into ULAH who had a big personality and a love for fashion — Chase Alexander Tomcala with Westwood Aesthetic Dentistry (just down the road from our stores on Rainbow Blvd). He really enjoyed getting styled by our team and the more we got to know him, the more we learned about what he did. Read more about how Chase and his team reworked and improved my smile, and how you can get 15% Off your first aesthetic dentistry service by mentioning ULAH!
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Last fall, we started noticing a fun new client coming into ULAH who had a big personality and a love for fashion — Chase Alexander Tomcala with Westwood Aesthetic Dentistry (just down the road from our stores on Rainbow Blvd). He really enjoyed getting styled by our team and the more we got to know him, the more we learned about what he did. In getting acquainted, Joey and I also learned that we had a common passion for music! Before we knew it, we were going to local concerts together, and he was bringing his friends and staff to our ULAH Live Sessions.

I had been on the hunt for a dentist to replace my (almost 20 year old) veneers. Not only was that in Chase's wheelhouse, but he is one of the few elite dentists who crafts his own custom veneers in-house! Most aesthetic dentists make molds of your teeth, and send off the veneers to a third party to be made, forcing you to wait weeks wearing temporaries. Chase makes his himself, onsite, allowing for a much higher level of precision and much faster execution. So, people fly in from all over the country for his talent!

Before we go too deep into my story and my dental case, I wanted to share with you all more about Chase, his experience, and how he fits into our community.

 What inspired you to get into cosmetic dentistry?

"I’ve always had a love for art and a passion for helping people. I wanted to combine these passions in the medical field. I also really enjoy helping people feel great about themselves. It's amazing how much a great smile can add to someone's level of confidence!


This form of dentistry allows me to express myself, while helping others express themselves in positive ways. I always knew I wanted to be in a specialized field that could really help people in ways that are unique to that person. I remember every case I’ve ever done, because they are all so unique."

What inspired you to bring your services to Kansas City?

"Visiting KC and seeing the people and the culture and the excitement about the growth that was happening made me feel like it could be a good place to bring this type of dentistry. I want to create beautiful, realistic, and natural looks — and that seemed to fit what people were needing in KC.


The Westwood area, specifically, really seems to have an appreciation for art  — a merging of creativity and small friendly neighborhood vibes. I love that combination!" 

What are the main services you offer?

"At Westwood Aesthetic Dentistry, we offer quite a range! My associate dentist covers the general denistry (fillings, crown, surgery, root canals), allowing me to focus on the cosmetic dentistry, whether it’s a full smile makeover with veneers — or a single back tooth crown. Those are all hand-crafted in-office by me for the perfect aesthetic that is just right for each individual and their personality."

What makes what you offer unique to other dentistry practices?

"The ability to do same day smile makeovers where no tooth structure is removed,  little to no numbing, and no pain. I also offer free smile previews where I’m able to build up a smile in the patient’s mouth in real time to show them what’s possible and start creating their unique look on the spot."

What do you love about Kansas City so far?

"I love Kansas Citians' passion for their sports teams, like the Comets and the Chiefs. (Chase is the team dentist for the KC Comets.) Kansas City loves to support local, and I think that’s so important when big businesses have such a presence.


I have a love for music and fashion, so I really hit it off with ULAH and you’re whole team across your different businesses. You guys have curated your store in such a unique way that allows me to build a wardrobe that's really functional for the way I live, while empowering me to express myself in a personal way. It inspires me to continue in my pursuit of standing out as a dentist in this area.


I’ve also been impressed by the food scene! I really enjoy Ferina, Blue Sushi, Lulu’s, Joes KC, Buffalo State Pizza, and Corvino’s to name a handful."

What role does fashion play in your daily life?

"In addition to the functional needs of my lifestyle, I use fashion as a way to express myself. It gives people I interact with cues about my personality, etc."

We’ve enjoyed helping you look your best. Let’s tell everyone how you’ve been helping me look my best!

"Well, let's talk about your veneers! We did what I would call a smile rejuvenation. We gave you a brighter, fuller smile that really works with your look and your personal vibe. We wanted to give you a smile that really felt like an extension of you.


We added small asymmetries and imperfections that balanced out your face and facial expressions, making your teeth and your smile look naturally beautiful."

Can you walk us through the process?

"Yes...first, we built your smile with temporary veneers to start seeing what we like, and if we wanted or needed to make any changes. We continued that process until we got the full smile the way we wanted, and the way that you felt looked like the best version of you.


We then used the finalized set of temporaries to build a mold and final prototype.


Once we had the prototype finalized, we used that to replicate the smile with the custom designed veneers that were made in-office by me."

View 1 of Buck Wimberly's dentistry work by Chase Tomcala at Westwood Aesthetic Dentistry


View 2 of Buck Wimberly's dentistry work by Chase Tomcala at Westwood Aesthetic Dentistry

    I'll talk a little about MY perspective on the work you and your team has done for ME.

    My original veneers served me well for a while, and they were a great alternative to braces on my uppers because we could actually make more corrections than just doing braces. However, the technology and methods for creating veneers have evolved over the last 20 years, and I started to learn that we could replace them in a way that looks much more natural. Porcelain veneers used to be mostly adorned by celebrities and models (yes, that's often how they have such amazing smiles). Today, having veneers has become more mainstream. However, when I saw what you do — I immediately knew that your work was on another level!


    Honestly, I can't get over how great my teeth look, now! It's definitely added a boost of confidence, which has been a great side effect. Even with my old veneers, I had grown to be a little insecure about my smile. You managed to correct all the things that were bugging me, and then just really surpassed my expectations! They look and feel so natural.


    Whenever Joey and I are occasionally out in the evenings or weekends, I get multiple compliments on my smile and/or my teeth. I'm not just saying this — I've had strangers yell "I love your teeth! and "you have an amazing smile!" after I've passed them on a sidewalk or walk out of an restaurant. It's funny to me, because I don't consciously analyze people's smiles when I'm walking past them — but man, do people seem to notice mine, now! That's been a funny and strange thing to get used to!


    Buck Wimberly (left) and Dr. Chase Alexander Tomcala (right) at ULAH for a ULAH Lives Sessions Concert


    I really loved the process and the team at Westwood Aesthetic Dentistry. The technology you have on-site is so amazing! I watched my veneers being carved out of a porcelain block by a little robot, and then get glazed, perfected, and finished by hand.


    They fit like little sleeves over my existing teeth, but in a way that brought balance and character to my smile. Your great staff was icing on the cake! They took great care of me throughout the whole process, and seemed to really care that I was comfortable all along the way.


    I love how low-maintenance these veneers are! They don't stain easily, and I just have to come back quarterly for my cleanings to keep my smile bright and make sure I'm maintaining healthy gums. Flossing is such a breeze now! I'm looking forward to the next step of your recommendation, which will be Invisalign (hidden braces) for my lower teeth.


    I'm so glad we crossed paths, Chase! I think it's really cool how we became friends and were able to find a way to organically connect our brands. I'm excited to introduce to you our amazing clients and followers! 

    Special Offer:

      From now through December 31, 2023, mention this blog or say “ULAH15” and get 15% off your first cosmetic dentistry service at Westwood Aesthetic Dentistry! I hope you will consider using Westwood Aesthetic Dentistry for your future dentistry needs. I'm so glad that I did! Don't be afraid to personally message me or reach out if you have any questions about my veneers or about Chase and his work.

      To reach Westwood Aesthetic Dentistry, you can call 913-766-1756, visit their website at or stop by their location at 4742 Rainbow Blvd, Westwood, KS — just one block south of ULAH. Don't forget to mention ULAH to get your discount!