ULAH Wins "Rising Retailer Award" from National Industry Magazine, MR Magazine


Joey and I are honored to hear that ULAH has won the "Riser Retailer Award" from national industry magazine, MR Magazine / MR-mag.com. We couldn't be doing this without all the support from our friends, family, and community! Thanks to everyone who shops local and supports small business like ours.

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"Located in a retail and residential complex just outside of Kansas City, Kansas, this soon to be two-year-old store is more than just a men’s apparel store. Co-founders Joey Mendez and Buck Wimberly have come up with a strategy to cater to a new kind of consumer. A true 'lifestyle store', ULAH not only has some of the best menswear brands around, but it also offers accessories, gifts, greeting cards, and masculine home décor and furniture – something the Kansas City area has never-before-seen in a men’s retailer. These enterprising owners do their best to serve their community while remaining connected to their Kansas City roots." MR Magazine - April, 2018

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