ULAH – A Legendary Tale Discovered

When Joey and I were doing research on the name ULAH before making a final decision, we discovered something really unexpected — an old legendary tale about a Native American named Ulah.  “ULAH: An Indian Legend Versified” was published in 1861 and written by Amanda T. Jones. Written entirely in prose, over 70 pages unfold the love story of Ulah and Oconee.


Oconee’s father was killed by a member of Ulah’s tribe, and she was forbidden to be with him. So they did what any young couple who is forbidden to see each other would do — they eloped and ran for the hills! But like Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, Moulin Rouge, or any great tragic love story — they would rather die in love than live apart.

Thanks to Google, I was able to download the entire book that had been scanned, including the amazing old cover.  I converted it into a digital flip book for the romantic — or really, really bored — to read or skim through. We thought we’d revive the legend a bit by naming the bison taxidermy you’ll find hanging near the entrance of ULAH — “Oconee”.

Ulah and Oconee — reunited in our new men’s apparel and lifestyle store.

Check out the story here:

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