Descendant of Thieves Ransom Pant - Deep Camo

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Inseams: Size 32 has an inseam of 31 and each waist size up (or down) has 1/2 inch graded difference. We have 1 inch of extra fabric so if you prefer to let it out we have you covered.
  • 9 total pockets (one hidden... you'll see)
  • Hidden zip side pocket + mobile device pocket
  • Adjustable waist band (scales waist down 2 sizes)
  • Back pocket triangle tab closure... can be tucked in and hidden
  • 2-Stripe contrast color fabric on inside bottom hem
  • Bottom leg opening 12.5
  • Ingredients: 97% Cotton 3% Spandex
  • 122 units made (# listed on inside label)