You know that feeling when you scan your closet and grab your favorite shirt? That feeling when you put on a shirt and don’t have to think about it anymore? You walk out the door and it just feels right? That feeling is what The Normal Brand chases everyday.

In 2015, Jimmy Sansone, a 26 year old investment banker, stared at a rack of clothes in a department store and thought ‘Where can I find a Normal shirt?’ Disappointed in what was available, he designed his first shirt and wore it everywhere. Quickly realizing other guys wanted these Normal shirts, he was joined by brothers Conrad and Lan and they went to work in their parents’ basement with the help from the fam (12 strong).

For The Normal Brand, "normal" is something in between high end designer goods and activewear built for a big game hunt. It's something you can and actually want to wear everyday. Over the past two years, the Sansone brothers found there were thousands of guys like them – guys who want a better Normal. So they've dedicated themselves to crafting casual wear and accessories with understated - but significant - style for everyday guys.